EGO Antarctica

In December of 2016 I set out as part of a 3 man crew to produce a commercial for The Escape Pod advertising agency and their client, EGO. 

The objective was to prove that the battery powered EGO Power + Snowblower starts the first time, every time, everywhere. The problem was that we had no set brief on how to get this done. To do so, we set out on the adventure of a life time to the end of the earth.

We took 4 planes, traveling over 30 hours with 500lbs of film and survival gear to get from Chicago to Union Glacier base camp in Antarctica. There was - 20 degree weather, 24 hour daylight and we spent 4 nights sleeping in tents directly on the ice. It was insane!

There are no tricks or vfx, everything you see is real and was shot on location with a Sony camera and DJI drone.
I directed, filmed and edited this overly epic commercial for the EGO Power + Snowblower.