Chicago Children's Choir

In July of 2017 I travelled to Italy with the Chicago Children's Choir to capture and document their performances, touring and cultural exchanges.

We visited Como, Bologna, Cometta, Milan, Rome & The Amalfi Coast over 10 days. 

The ask was to document everything so we have it in the can. The challenge was figuring out how to process that into an easily digestible and sharable video.

This edit was cut down from over 15 hours of footage to just a 2.5 mins highlight video of the tour. 


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Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.52.37 PM.png

This is the choir’s Raising Voices campaign video which was used to generate millions of dollars for their fund. It showcases all of the live event, rehearsal and tour footage I documented throughout 2017.

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Video 3 of 3