Look What I Can Do.

The majority of my work falls into one of the following categories; Digital Content, Broadcast Commercials, Documentaries, Promotional / Highlight Videos.

I work solo as a one man director / shooter / editor combination and also with teams of 2 - 10 crew depending on the scale and budget of the project at hand. The film equipment is state of the art, capable of delivering in 4k and I am always eager for new opportunities to capture some signature, cinematic drone footage.

Whether it’s a corporate, social or personal project, if it requires video then I’ve got the expert skillset to deliver your Kick Ass Content.



The director will carry your vision from concept to creation. It is the fine art of story telling, guiding the viewer through the perfect selection of images and sounds to get the message across.



There's more to video than just holding up an iPhone. Camera selection, lensing, framing, frame rate, motion, aspect ratio etc are some of the key factors that go into making every day life look like a movie.



A relationship with footage is temporary. Sooner or later you have to learn to let go. The editing process is cut throat, ruthless and leaves you with only the best of the best for your end product.



There is no better way to capture a dramatic landscape and add production value to your content than by launching a Phantom into the air to give you a perspective no one ever sees (unless you're a pilot, or a bird). 



There's no substitution for quality photography. All of us take pictures, but only professionals are adept at lighting, framing and capturing moments of time in the most effective and vibrant way possible.